Agility and Pro-activity

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Looking for a modular approach to learning solutions aligned to your business needs? Or still ‘on the fence' about learning personal skills in a virtual environment?  Or maybe you are just interested in the subject? Join us and we’ll share what we can do and how we can do it using the topic of proactivity and agility as a demonstration.

What you will learn in the hour

Modern organisations need to adapt quickly to ongoing changes. 

This means that organisations need agile employees to quickly respond to the changes that are needed.

Agility refers to employees who are able to pro-actively deal with rapid changes as a flexible and adaptive workforce. Becoming more proactive and agile means becoming more aware of everything that is going on in the moment.

In this interactive, fast-paced session, we’ll be asking YOU to get involved and share your thoughts and insights, whilst we also share some of our own, about being more proactive and agile in the workplace.

We will find out:

1. The basics of ‘agility’
2. Proactive versus reactive
3. Victim or accountable

Who is it for?

  • L&D professionals wanting to sample QA's Personal Effectiveness courses
  • Business leaders looking to accelerate proactivity in their organisations
  • Individuals who would like to be more proactive in their roles

About the speaker:

Abi Manifold,  Senior Learning Specialist

Abi is a passionate Learning and Development professional with over 15 years of industry experience.
She brings a natural creative flair to projects with innovative ways to plan, design and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. She’s a requested consultant within QA due to her ability to adapt quickly and bring facilitation expertise to a range of strategic and cultural contexts.

Feedback on Abi’s sessions is great across the board and she’s known by clients as one who will bring energy and flexibility to interventions while maintaining focus on what they need to achieve.