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As your Cloud Native transformation drives growth and revenue for your organisation, a price for this success will be the increased complexity for your operations teams. How can your organisation prepare itself for these challenges?

Cloud Native architectures feature much larger numbers of interdependent applications running in parallel to achieve business outcomes, and this introduces emergent challenges for IT security, service availability, change management, and event management.

Furthermore, the cloud native culture of experimentation and evolution means that your IT Operations team will likely be dealing with a more heterogeneous technology landscape comprised of new products and platforms with which they don’t have much experience.

With all of these challenges, it’s very easy to run into stumbling blocks that impede your value realisation or, worse, cause you to actually move backwards in service quality and customer satisfaction.

To find out how to achieve the team talent profile to overcome these challenges, register today.

Who should attend?

  • Heads of IT
  • IT Team Leaders (Cloud Platform Leaders)
  • IT Project Managers – especially those involved in Cloud-based transformations
  • Cloud and DevOps professionals

About the speaker:

Mark Solomon, DevOps Practice Director, QA

Mark is a master technology architect and IT strategist with over 21 years' experience designing and delivering innovative IT solutions at scale, using DevOps and Agile practices.

His experience features countless examples of where he's been a cornerstone to building the strategic approach for IT transformation with some of the world’s most well-known brands and progressive organisations; as well as initiatives where has marshalled massive global teams to deliver these strategies on an enterprise scale.

Mark’s abilities to create both the strategic and technology vision as well as drive their delivery allows him to break the silos that too often derail DevOps transformation initiatives, which makes him uniquely suited to help advise and guide our clients taking that same journey.

As the QA DevOps Practice Director, Mark continues his career of DevOps leadership from his previous leadership roles at Accenture, which includes Global Lead DevOps Platforms Architect, Global DevOps Strategy Lead, and Global DevOps Training Lead.