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Cybersecurity has gone from being a team game to a multi-team game. In response, LETS created Integr8, the leading human-centered cybersecurity training designed for multi-team systems. The gamified, immersive curriculum synthesises 56,000 hours of research into developmental opportunities that prepare teams for the challenges ahead. 

The LETS team will be facilitating a sandbox exercise on setting and achieving goals. With multiple ways to participate, attendees will experience the power of evidence-based teamwork skill development. Throughout the webinar, there will be opportunities to connect insights from the training to the challenges you encounter every day. 

Target Audience:

Leaders of cybersecurity teams and multi-team systems who understand that the use of technology is a human task and place high value on the role of teamwork in cybersecurity. 

About the presenters:  

The presenters for this webinar are co-founders of LETS: Leadership & Effective Teamwork Strategies.

Dr Daniel Shore

Daniel has a PhD in workplace psychology and specializes in building connectivity within and between teams. Dr. Shore’s research and consulting around team dynamics, organizational culture, and leadership development span a decade of working with cybersecurity teams in government and the private sector.

Zac Broomfield 

Zac Broomfield is a performance coach specializing in conscious and unconscious interpersonal dynamics. Zac is known for his powerful visual language that shifts perspective, aligns intentions with actions, and encourages collaboration within and between teams.