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  • Overview of CMMC its origins, purpose and relevance to non-US organisations
  • CMMC as risk-based data protection & why it’s happening now
  • Difference between the CMMC Framework and the CMMC Model
  • Role of process maturity
  • 5 maturity levels for cyber hygiene practices – which one is right for you
  • The standards on which CMMC is based
  • DoD contract clauses which drive cybersecurity compliance
  • Timeline
  • Expected cybersecurity results
  • CMMC Training and Education opportunities – QACMMCF & QACMMCP

About the speakers:

Linda Rust

Linda is the Chief Security Officer (CSO), Principal and Founder at SecuriThink | Cultural Armour™. Linda has a very detailed knowledge of the CMMC AB Model and Framework and is a recognised thought leader in this space.

Graeme Parker

As a Cyber Security and Risk Management professional Mr. Graeme Parker is equipped with highly valuable technical business skills obtained in high profile private and public sector organizations. With a proven experience in successfully implementing Information Risk Management Frameworks, as well as developing Effective Management Systems for Risk and Governance, his focus remains in shaping deliverable Cyber Security strategies.