Who can participate? 


Valued employees 
who are an asset to your organisation, but need new skills to keep up with ever-evolving digital demands




Diverse hires
recruited through our free-to-use talent attraction services, attracting individuals from under-represented communities




Career changes
from within or outside of your organisation, seeking new challenges and further building on transferrable and invaluable skill sets


How is the Digital Defence Academy funded?

The academy is funded by the apprenticeship levy and industry investors. To find out about the apprenticeship levy, click here.

How does the Digital Defence Academy differ from a regular apprenticeship?

The academy benefits from content that has been specifically curated for the defence sector, at no additional cost.

Individuals will have the opportunity to study content that is aligned to Digital Defence objectives, hear from defence industry exports, and collaborate with industry peers.

Having longstanding partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, ServiceNow and Salesforce, QA allows learners to access leading-edge tech skills tailored to the defence sector.

Social Mobility and Philanthropy

Social Mobility and Inclusivity cannot be achieved in isolation, and collaboration, continuous learning and improvement is vital to making progress.

We are working closely with our founding partners to break down barriers to entry and to progression within the Defence sector.

We are interested in hearing from you if you would like to contribute to our levy share fund, thought leadership in the academy, networking events (venues and speakers), and any other initiatives that support our Academy to become as diverse as possible.



Mark your calendars and join leading defence minds on Wednesday 1st May, featuring…

👉 4 industry experts
👉 2 keynote speakers 
👉 1 evening

Find out more

Join a drop-in session!

We’re hosting one session a week where you can: 

⚡ Ask any questions you have about the Digital Defence Academy
⚡ Discover our range of apprenticeships (every session delves into a specific programme subject)
⚡ Hear market insights and how the academy can support your business
⚡ Understand what your organisation’s future could look like post-apprenticeship

Tuesday 9 April, 12pm, 30 mins
Theme: Software Engineering


Tuesday 16 April, 12pm, 30 mins
Theme: Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure


Tuesday 23 April, 12pm, 30 mins
Theme: Project & Product Management


Tuesday 30 April, 12pm, 30 mins
Theme: Women in Defence Tech Leadership



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