The Digital Pilot License (DPL) is a customised award, certificated as an SCQF level 7 group award with at least 18 credit points leading to a total of 26 if you complete the elective. Learners who complete the programme will not only receive the total SCQF credits on their learning attainment but will also receive a diploma certificate. Learners will develop new skills and knowledge across four mandatory modules:

💼 The Digital Marketplace

📊 Driving Value from Data

 🌡️  Climate Solutions Accelerator

😊 Wellbeing

🗂️ Elective module in Business Blockchain


'To say the DPL changed my life would be a huge statement - but I would definitely say that topics covered by the Digital Pilot Licence helped me change numerous things in my life in a positive environmental, personal health/wellbeing and business context - the DPL is world class!' Colin Black, DPL graduate. 

The DPL is aimed at various elements of the economic workforce and resource skills pipeline. It would suit individuals who require digital literacy skills (perhaps because they are in a position of career change or have been out of the job market for a while), those who require more digital skills in a current role or are seeking relevant CPD or anyone generally with a need to develop new skills in digital!

The DPL is a modular, self-paced, online learning solution, to upskill, retrain and provide digital skills transition to a range of learners and organisations. The learning activity is fully online; however, it is delivered in conjunction with ongoing tutor support either 1-2-1 with individual learners or in group sessions all delivered at regular intervals online via Teams or similar conferencing software.

Course days/hours: 16 weeks + (40 elective hours)

Starting Date: TBD

Delivery Location: Online

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