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Every month we look to offer a range of the latest events, including live and virtual, to either support you, or provide insight into anything relative to Digital Productivity and Office Applications.

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Microsoft 365: When should I use OneDrive, Sharepoint or Teams?

13th January, 12:00 - 13:00 GMT

Many organisations and teams, in all different shapes and sizes, and with team members spread across different locations are adapting new ways of working. These teams are increasing digital literacy through cloud computing with Microsoft 365 implementation.

The Microsoft 365 ecosystem including Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive is designed to be a universal toolkit to give your team members integrated and flexible ways to work for their projects and tasks.

Our webinar will answer the following questions:

 - What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive

-  Where does Microsoft Teams fit in?  

Many people get confused about when and where to use these cloud-connected services.

Join our fantastic free one-hour long session to broaden your knowledge and explore how similar and what the differences are.

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Featured blog - 3 common Intranet myths


In this month's featured blog, George Noi-Lartey (Principal Technical Learning Specialist at QA) busts 3 common intranet myths and discusses how a modern intranet (for example, one built with with Sharepoint Communication Sites) can be a hub of useful information that enriches your employees’ work.

Feel inspired? George has also recorded a webinar on Sharepoint Communication Sites - Click here to view it


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Case studies

Health Education England: SharePoint adoption—Retrain your people, rewrite what's possible.

In Summer 2017 Health Education England commenced the roll out of SharePoint across the organisation. This new online platform allows HEE the ability to easily collaborate across the business and with its partners; with ease and precision.

Working in such a demanding environment, it was important for HEE to invest in an intuitive platform, which had the ability to be customised to their specific needs and ways of working.

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King's College London: Extra-curricular IT Training Provides Added Value for Students

King’s College London wanted to ensure its students were getting the most value from their university experience. So, it turned to QA to deliver extra-curricular IT training sessions to enhance students’ IT skills during their academic careers and increase their future employability.

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Cheat sheets

Cheat sheets are perfect for those just starting out. However, even the most experienced need to lean on references every once in a while.

Microsoft Planner

Explore how Microsoft Planner can help organise and track your teams or projects activities.

Read quick starter guide

Google Sheets Fundamentals

A comprehensive and hands-on guide on how to use Google Sheets.

Read quick starter guide

Dynamic Array Formulas

Learn how to create a single formula that can generate multiple results with Dynamic Array.

Read quick reference guide

Excel Hotkeys

When working with Excel data, hotkeys can make manual work a lot more efficient. Check out this quick-reference guide and start using them in your work: 

Read quick reference guide


Ever needed to match two (or more) pieces of data from separate parts of a spreadsheet, or even separate sheets?

Don't do it manually - use the Excel VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions! Download our quick reference guide to learn how: 

Read quick reference guide

Data Literacy

As data collection and data sharing become routine, and data analysis and big data become
common ideas, it becomes more important for people to have a certain level of data literacy. 

Download our quick reference guide to learn some fundamental data concepts and get more out of your data at work:

Read quick reference guide


Microsoft Word - Quick reference guide

Formatting, tables, tracking amends, graphics...Microsoft Word contains a plethora of features beyond simple word processing.

Download our handy quick reference guide to learn how to use these features: 

Read quick reference guide


Skills Tests

Excel Essentials Quiz

Take this quick quiz if you consider yourself a basic user of Excel. If it turns out to be too easy, make sure to try the next level up. It's a great way of gauging your ability. 

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Excel Intermediate Quiz

Take this quick quiz if you consider yourself an Intermediate User of Excel. It's a great way to gauge your level - if the quiz seems too easy, you can try the Advanced quiz. If it seems to hard, give the Essentials quiz a go. 

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Excel Advanced Quiz

Consider yourself an Advanced Excel user? Try out our quick quiz to find out if your skills are truly advanced. It's also a great way to identify any areas for improvement. 

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