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COVID-19 delivered the most extraordinary transformation in our way of working and living that we will ever experience.

But alongside the race to enable colleagues to work remotely and enable customers to consume services digitally overnight, something else was happening. Business leaders were systematically learning from thousands of every day innovations borne out of the lockdown experience.

But in-depth digital transformation is not about short-term survival. Organisations across the UK are reinventing business models, ramping up customer-centric capabilities and delivering new products and services faster with agile ways of working learnt through the crisis.

They are doing this with the goal of emerging stronger, winning the fight and winning the future.

Now is the ideal time to invest in change, accelerate your performance and emerge stronger. 

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‘We have been talking about harnessing the power of fast-changing technology for years. The past few months have shown us the reality of what that means, for everyone.’

Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
The Times, Tuesday, 8 September 2020