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Join Roger Knowles, QA's Senior Technical Learning Specialist - End User Applications for this fantastic free session where he will impart some of his expertise on Excel's latest new functions.

This webinar will take you through Excel's new chart types and also charting data on maps

  • New Chart Types
  • Treemap and Sunburst charts
  • Histogram, Pareto and Box and Whisker charts
  • Waterfall and Funnel charts
  • Maps
  • 3D Maps

Learn how new chart types can change the way you visualise your data. Seeing new chart types to understand more about your data just by noting the chart against a data set. Mapping your data geographically by including static maps or 3D globes that can flown around with your data popping out in charts.


Target audience

This webinar is aimed at people with some experience of charting their data, possibly only using classic chart types like Column charts or Pie charts.

Note: Your organisation licence agreement with Microsoft may not allow you to use these at work. However, if your organisation upgrades and rolls out new versions of MS Office then these functions may become available