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Join Roger Knowles, QA's Senior Technical Learning Specialist - End User Applications for this fantastic free session where he will impart some of his expertise on key Excel functions.

This webinar will take you through one of Excel's newer commands, Power Query. We will demonstrate some practices that allows you not only to import data from many different sources into Excel but also to clean the data or add additional columns as the data is imported. Power Query can return your data to Excel in various methods that will be demonstrated.

• Returning imported Power Queries as a connection, a table or a Pivot Table
• Importing data from various sources e.g. CSV, XLSX and Web Pages
• Adding column formulas in Power Query to show in Excel automatically
• Exposing the M programming language behind a Power Query
• Cleaning columns of data to help with data quality for your reports
• Using Power Query to bring multiple files together from a Folder into one file
• Using Power Query to Unpivot your data and switch back to values in a list
• Merging multiple sheets together into a single data list


Target audience

This webinar is aimed at people with some or little experience of using Power Query in Excel (or Power BI), new users to this topic will also see the potential behind the many methods Excel now has to import data from many data sources.


About the speaker
Roger Knowles, Senior Technical Learning Specialist, QA


Note: Your organisation licence agreement with Microsoft may not allow you to use these at work. However, if your organisation upgrades and rolls out new versions of MS Office then these functions may become available