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Many organisations are improving their digital infrastructure.  They want to move towards a more data-driven environment where basic and more complex decisions are based on data available to them.  Some of these organisations start by improving the reporting tools such as Power BI.  This may work in smaller organisations but are they sure that the figures are correct, are they sure that all users are getting the best quality data to base their answers on, and even, who has the correct figures or answers?


Having an end-to-end strategy for the ingestion, cleansing, evaluation, exploration, modelling, and visualisations of data is a must for all organisations.  Power BI and other Microsoft tools can help with the implementation that is built on this strategy.


Join Mark Fitzgerald (Principal Technical Specialist at QA) to explore the end-to-end strategy, the available tools in Power BI and the training required to get clean, quality data to enable your organisation to make data-driven decisions.