The Hack The Box Capture The Flag (CTF)

In collaboration with Hack The Box, QA are running a private, invite only CTF, which will run over two days with progressively more difficult challenges.

We want to invite pen testers, red teamers and threat response teams at medium to large enterprises, but we can accommodate other backgrounds too, such as SOC analyst, network admins etc. This is providing they know it’s a hackathon focused exercise.

More information on Hack the Box and QA partnership can be found here.


CTFs are entertaining, and professionals use them worldwide to enhance their soft and technical skills.

The web app, fully customized for CTFs only, ensures the players' experience is smooth, easy, and fun. Live updates for each challenge submission, team management, and awesome UI make the CTF experience one to remember!

In addition, each CTF comes with its scoreboard, updating live with every change in the competition, visible by both players and visitors.

Fill out the form below to reserve your space. Limited capacity so first come first served.