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Digital Transformation has been fast-forwarded for many organisations. Employees suddenly find themselves using new tools and technologies and the way we work has changed.

Hence increasing digital literacy in non-technical teams should become a clear objective for all organisations if they are to fully harness the digital potential of this ever-changing landscape.

In this first of many insightful sessions Gentha Sewnath, QA’s Senior Learning Technical Specialist, will introduce O365 – The ‘Big Picture’ and some of the important apps that make up O365. In this session Gentha will focus on OneNote.


This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • An Overview of O365 – what is O365 and how does it fit into the grand scale of things?
  • Key O365 Apps
  • Introducing OneNote

Explore what O365 is all about, some of the key apps that make up O365 and let’s look at how it is changing the way we work.

Tired of losing important notes or not having access to important information when you need it, then create your very own digital notebook using OneNote. Centralise information like meeting minutes, agenda, handbooks or knowledge base.

Who should Attend:

  • Anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of O365 and capture the essence of flexible working.
  • Anyone looking to digitise their notes to make it more accessible and easier to share.

About the speaker:

Gentha Sewnath, Senior Technical Learning Specialist, QA

Gentha is a Senior Technical Learning Specialist with over 20 years’ of experience in the training and consulting space. Gentha specialises in Office 365 adoption projects and supporting organisations with their digital transformation programme.

Join Gentha, for this amazing free webinar where he will share some of his experiences on O365 and introduces an app called OneNote.