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Join Roger Knowles, QA's Senior Technical Learning Specialist - End User Applications for this fantastic free session where he will impart some of his expertise on Microsoft Power BI.

This webinar will take you through the starting point for your journey with Power BI Desktop. It will show the installation steps, also the sign-in process (if you are on Office 365). The working environment will then be broken down and a reports generated at a top level to show some of the capabilities of Power BI.

• Locating Power BI Desktop / Online
• The installation process / monthly upgrade available
• Working around screen elements – with no data loaded
• Importing data – free sample data to play with
• Working around screen elements – data loaded
• Preparing your report sheets
• Adding and Interacting with visualizations

Target Audience:

This webinar is aimed at people with little or no understanding of Power BI, but like many organisations, want to create new interactive reports based on their data. Power BI Desktop is a free application so this session will show the initial use steps/concepts, and build a single page report.