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Document authors have traditionally struggled with using network file shares for managing their published content.

Newtwork file shares were never designed to manage content publishing, so clumsy workarounds are often the order of the day and result in unnecessary duplication and poor labelling of authored content.

SharePoint can provide a far superior solution to these challenges using its inbuilt document version control system.

This webinar explores the features of versioning available within a SharePoint document library environment, with the goal of achieving a 'single source of truth' approach, so no more multiple file names or wondering which version of a document is the latest version!


Target audience:
Document authors/publishers who need to regain control of document version management in their business area. The webinar will explore the types of version control available, determine which is best to use for a given situation and simple steps on how to deploy in a standard SarePoint document library.


About the speaker:
Richard Bean, Senior Technical Learning Specialist, DEDE End User Applications, QA