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In this webinar we’ll explain why training is more than just presenting. 

How often have you attended a training course, whether a couple of hours or 2 or more days which has left you confused, tired and unable to process the quantity of information that has been delivered in a one directional, continuous and seemingly never ending monologue from the trainer?

Join us for an hour and explore how training should be an interactive experience.  The brain needs stimulus and the body needs movement.  Without this, so called training becomes a one way flow of information that cannot be digested fully and both the body and brain seek stimulation elsewhere.

For many years the TAP® Methodology has promoted a learner centred approach to learning which enables any training event to become a mutually beneficial experience that meets both the learner and organisational goals.

About the speaker:

Sarah Holroyd, a Senior Learning Specialist with TAP Learning (part of QA), will present this webinar. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in designing and delivering both IT and Soft Skills Courses and currently trains L&D professionals on TAP’s certificate and diploma courses.