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Dive into the realm of data engineering with our dynamic webinar featuring the Ministry of Justice.

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🦾 Figuring out how to harness the potential of AI & machine learning?

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The era of data-driven decision-making is here, and our expert speakers will guide you through essential concepts, real-world use cases, and the evolving landscape of data engineering 💡

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David Pool
Portfolio Director of Data Science & AI - QA

Anis Khan
Anis Khan
Head of Data and Analytics Engineering - MoJ

Oliver Critchfield
Data & Analytics Engineering - MoJ Manager

Key takeaways

  • The Future of Data: Contextualize the wider data landscape, uncover new trends, emerging tech and best practices in 2024.

  • ‘Real World’ Excellence: The Ministry of Justice will spotlight their remarkable data journey and the transformative impact of data engineering for the government department.

  • Supercharge Performance: Discover how to equip your team with vital data engineering skills and hands-on experience to drive long-term success.

  • Interactive Q&A: Engage with our expert panel and fellow attendees to get insights into specific challenges and strategic opportunities in the ever-evolving world of data engineering.

Who would benefit from this webinar

Business Leaders, Executives, Managers & Specialists with roles in:

- Data, AI, Analytics

- Digital Transformation, Change Management

- HR, L&D, Talent

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