QAL-LP-Through-an-Attackers-Eyes- Webinar

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During the webinar we will touch on current hacking techniques used to compromise web applications, APIs and associated end-points and discuss:

- Advanced vulnerability identification and exploitation techniques.

- New and current hacks which affected real-life products and have found a mention in real bug-bounty programs.


Target Audience:

The webinar is ideal for web developers, SOC analysts, intermediate level penetration testers, DevOps engineers, network engineers, security architects, security enthusiasts.


About the speaker:

Dhruv Shah, Associate Director and Trainer, NotSoSecure
Dhruv has been with NotSoSecure since 2017 and has worked on security issues with a broad range of clients, including major banking, finance and media companies.

This work involves web and application penetration testing and network assessments. He is also involved in Red Team assessments appraising system and network vulnerabilities with little or no prior knowledge of them.

His trainer work has involved running courses at BlackHat Chicago and researching and updating the
NotSoSecure Advanced Web Hacking training course. His trainer work has involved running course at Black Hat and other high profile global conferences..


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