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Organisations have migrated to Office 365 (in hybrid or native mode) in large numbers since March 2020. For many businesses, migration was rapid. Appropriate time and resources were not available to properly plan and deploy structured information architecture and taxonomy. Eighteen months later, many organisations have realised that without a proper taxonomy and information classifications it is difficult (impossible, in some instances) to discover, protect, retain and dispose of the correct data. 

Whilst organisations cannot go back and take a more structured migration path. O365 does offer many features to manually and (or) automatically classify content such as documents, emails, teams chats and conversations. Such classifications retrospectively allow organisations to protect their data.

Join our O365 expert Phil Crayford (Principal Technical Learning Specialist, QA) to explore the available options for data classification in Office 365 i.e.

  • Sharepoint metadata
  • Sharepoint Content types
  • Sensitive information types
  • Exact data matching
  • Trainable classifiers
  • Retention Labels
  • Sensitivity labels

The webinar will also cover, how to automatically classify content using AI with Sharepoint Syntex