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Since March 2020, there have been huge uptakes in Office 365 subscriptions to support WFH and an ongoing shift to hybrid working.

Many organisations are paying for Office 365 subscriptions, but their employees are not adopting new ways of working with the new features available within 0365. 

Organisations have assumed that employees would naturally ‘pick things up’ and digital transformation would ‘just happen’…. however, this (unsurprisingly) has not been the case for many businesses.

True 0365 adoption requires behavioural change yet one of the biggest problems businesses face is employee resistance to change. Hence, a robust strategy is vital to overcome this challenge.

Join our O365 expert, Phil Crayford (Principal Technical Learning Specialist, QA) to explore the fundamentals of a successful Office 365 adoption programme.

An adoption strategy is valid, whether your organisation is moving to Office 365 for the first time or your business is already subscribed to Office 365. In this short session, you will learn:

  • The difference between Office 365 users and adopters
  • Why adoption matters to businesses
  • Why organisations need an adoption plan
  • The are obstacles to change
  • Who should be in your adoption team?
  • What a successful adoption strategy looks like
  • The three elements of a successful adoption plan
  • The role of governance
  • Whether there are any KPI’s to track adoption
  • The training available to get the most of your 0365 investment